The UK’s largest trail running series is back with a new Half Marathon option for 2014.

    We’re bringing back all our classic 10k trail routes but we’re adding a Half Marathon option to each venue – can you go double the distance? Our 10k and half marathon routes take you through soft, springy forest trails lead you deep into woodland, along field edges and past open water, eventually coming home to a superb event village with post-race food, drink, entertainments and more.

    All Trailblazer locations have been selected for the quality of their running routes, their accessibility and their stunning backdrops. We pledge to do the simple things well; extremely well. A waymarked and measured 10k and half marathon route, route profiles and maps, professional pre-race warm-ups, electronic timing with quick and clear text and web results, free venue entry and parking, a great race T shirt, special edition merchandise by well-known brands, fantastic goody bag, superb event centre facilities, and of course, some inspiring running.

    Testimonials from the Runner’s World Forum

    “I have run a number of trail runs and must say I thought the organisation and marshalling of this event was excellent. Exactly as described – a fast flowing trail run. Definitely will be back next year.”

    “Best organised race I have ever entered. Perfect in every way, great day out.”

    “Trailblazer was a great event as my 2nd off road run. The course was in a great setting and way-marked really well.”



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    Around 3,600 children and young people are diagnosed with cancer every year in the UK. Our aims are to determine the causes, find cures and provide care for children with cancer. Since 1988, thanks to your support, we have raised over £150 million to help save young lives.


    New for 2014, can you go double the distance?

    We’re bringing half marathon options to our 3 great venues by utilising the existing 10k routes and adding an additional 11.1km on trails yet to be explored. These half marathons will give you loads more of the beautiful forest running that you love. Starting at 9am, the mass start will be seeded by your predicted finish time, thus allowing you to experience the thrill of running in a large group – essential to the half marathon experience – and the space to run freely and commit early to your finish time. PB or not. Route maps will be available soon!

    Forest of Dean

    Known as the ‘Queen of Forests’, the Forest of Dean has something for everyone – fascinating heritage, spectacular and varied landscapes, plus warm and friendly hospitality. This enchanted place became Britain’s first National Forest Park in 1938 and is England’s largest oak forest. All ages and tastes are catered for with museums, caves and historic buildings where you can discover the area’s fascinating heritage, plus great family attractions where you can ride a steam train, get up close to the animals or even enjoy a creative session painting pottery.

    Our event is based at Speech House Hotel. It lies on the B4226 between Coleford and Cinderford, 20miles west of junction 11 of the M5. For specific directions, see the hotel web site at, or if using satnav, use postcode GL16 7EL to pick up our event signage.

    mapimages_01 hmone



    Bedgebury Pinetum

    Bedgebury National Pinetum and forest is one of the premier forest locations in the southeast of England. With nearly 10,000 trees and shrubs, the Pinetum is the most complete collection of temperate conifers in the world, and an important location for the conservation of rare species. Starting and finishing within the Pinetum, our Trailblazer route makes good use of the surrounding Bedgebury Forest, a venue great for cycling, walking and even playing in the trees with Go Ape.

    Bedgebury Forest Estate lies just 10 miles southeast of Royal Tunbridge Wells on the A21. Our event location can be accessed by the B2079 (following signs to Bedgebury Forest and Pinetum from the A21) just before Flimwell village. If using satnav, use postcode TN17 2SJ to pick up our event signage.

    bedgeburymaps_01 hmtwo



    Clumber Park

    This location needs no introduction; centuries of folklore brought to life by Errol Flynn, Kevin Costner and Russell Crowe will ensure the Sherwood is forever world-famous. Today’s Sherwood Forest comprises of a handful of wooded areas spread across Nottinghamshire; we have selected what we deem to be the most beautiful.

    clumberimages_01 hmone




    10 K


    • All Prices are Per Person

    • Single Event SoloSingle Event Solo
    • Family Entry (2 People)*Family Entry (2 People)*
    • Group of 5Group of 5
    • Series (All 3 Events Solo)Series (All 3 Events Solo)
    • Series (All 3 Events Group)Series (All 3 Events Group)
    • Super Early Bird

    • Until end of Aug

    • Single Event Solo£17.50
    • Family Entry (2 People)*£16
    • Group of 5£12.50
    • Series (All 3 Events Solo)£45
    • Series (All 3 Events Group)£40
    • Early Bird

    • Until end of Nov

    • Single Event Solo£22.50
    • Family Entry (2 People)*£19
    • Group of 5£17.50
    • Series (All 3 Events Solo)£55
    • Series (All 3 Events Group)£50
    • Saver

    • Until End of Dec

    • Single Event Solo£25
    • Family Entry (2 People)*£21
    • Group of 5£20
    • Series (All 3 Events Solo)£60
    • Series (All 3 Events Group)£55
    • New Year

    • Until End of Feb

    • Single Event Solo£30
    • Family Entry (2 People)*£26
    • Group of 5£25
    • Series (All 3 Events Solo)£70
    • Series (All 3 Events Group)£65
    • Standard

    • End of May

    • Single Event Solo£33
    • Family Entry (2 People)*£28
    • Group of 5£28
    • Series (All 3 Events Solo)£75
    • Series (All 3 Events Group)£70
    • Last Chance

    • Until Event

    • Single Event Solo£35
    • Family Entry (2 People)*£30
    • Group of 5£30
    • Series (All 3 Events Solo)£80
    • Series (All 3 Events Group)£75


    Half Marathon


    • All Prices are Per Person

    • Single Event SoloSingle Event Solo
    • Family Entry (2 People)*Family Entry (2 People)*
    • Group of 5Group of 5
    • Series (All 3 Events Solo)Series (All 3 Events Solo)
    • Series (All 3 Events Group)Series (All 3 Events Group)
    • Super Early Bird

    • Until

    • Single Event Solo£35
    • Family Entry (2 People)*£31
    • Group of 5£30
    • Series (All 3 Events Solo)£90
    • Series (All 3 Events Group)£85
    • Early Bird

    • Until 31/10

    • Single Event Solo£37.50
    • Family Entry (2 People)*£33.50
    • Group of 5£32.50
    • Series (All 3 Events Solo)£92.50
    • Series (All 3 Events Group)£87.50
    • Saver

    • Until 31/12

    • Single Event Solo£40
    • Family Entry (2 People)*£36
    • Group of 5£35
    • Series (All 3 Events Solo)£95
    • Series (All 3 Events Group)£90
    • New Year

    • End of Feb

    • Single Event Solo£45
    • Family Entry (2 People)*£41
    • Group of 5£40
    • Series (All 3 Events Solo)£100
    • Series (All 3 Events Group)£95
    • Standard

    • End of May

    • Single Event Solo£48
    • Family Entry (2 People)*£44
    • Group of 5£43
    • Series (All 3 Events Solo)£103
    • Series (All 3 Events Group)£98
    • Last Chance

    • Until Event

    • Single Event Solo£50
    • Family Entry (2 People)*£46
    • Group of 5£45
    • Series (All 3 Events Solo)£105
    • Series (All 3 Events Group)£100

    Family Entry – what’s included?

    As a family friendly event we offer parents the chance to enter at a discount into different waves, meaning one of you can entertain the little ones while the other runs.


    You can also pick up a free Vita Coco kids pack from the Runner’s World tent and take advantage of the free kids activities in the event village.


    An administration fee of 4.99% will be added to all transactions.

    What's This?

    – Why have the extra fee rather than just putting up the entry price?

    • No-one likes hidden extras. We are upfront about this fee. The fairest way for us to be fully transparent is to separate this cost out and explain it. The Processing Fee has discrete input costs independent of the direct costs that produce the event. It is these costs that calculate the event entry fee.

    – Why use the system we use?

    • The online payment process is provided by Paypal so it is very secure.

    • It offers the opportunity to pay directly from your Paypal account (if you prefer this to paying by credit card or debit card).

    • It is the cheapest and best value solution we can find and it is tailored to the events you are entering. We feel it is very competitive in the marketplace, versus the fees charged by other professional event operators.

    • It allows you to swap your entry to another participant or change your team members without incurring any further costs.

    • It integrates with charity donation web sites so there is a quick and easy way for you to raise money and obtain your fund-raising discount, should you choose. – This fee covers the costs of operating the following

    • The credit card and Paypal processing fees

    • The IT development in building, hosting and maintaining the online entry system.

    • The associated bank fees and insurances required to process the event registration fees

    • The administration personnel costs of running the registration database

    • VAT at 20% – Why add on a percentage rather than a set fee?

    • Rat Race offer such a range of challenges that our price points vary massively. Therefore it is considered the fairest option that all customers are charged the same %age pro rata.

    – How can I save money?

    • The processing fee will be less the earlier you enter (as it is calculated as a %age) so take advantage of the Early Bird offers to get the best prices across the board.

    • Buy a Rat Race Season Ticket and there will not be any entry fees or Administration fees to pay when registering.

    • Sign up for standard membership and save 15% on solo entries. Raise money for our charity partner Cancer Research UK* and save £10 if you raise £100 (Adventure Runs) on solo entries or £50 if you raise £500 (Endurance Events)

    * Not applicable to all events

    Frequently Asked Questions 

    Is the race suitable for first-time trail runners?
    Absolutely! In 2013, roughly 70% of Trailblazer participants had never run off-road (or off-treadmill) before. The trails are undulating rather than hilly, combining good running surfaces, and with distance markers and drink stations on course to ensure you’re looked after, and our event atmosphere is designed to be really welcoming. Just don’t blame us when you get hooked!
    What’s the difference between this off-road 10k/half marathon and a road-run 10k/half marathon?
    Trailblazers use a mix of tracks and trails through forests and field. Unlike a road run where every step is the same, each step of a trail is different, as the angle and type of the surface changes as you run. This places slightly different demands on the body, so you may not run as fast as you would on road, but the natural surroundings more than make up for it. This is a great chance to experience running away from the urban landscape, and even could be a good excuse to get some new kit!
    What about more experienced trail runners and fell runners?
    These events are deliberately not designed as fell races or as hardcore cross-country epics, but are an ideal opportunity for faster runners to set quick times away from the regular road running circuit. Flowing routes, great trail surfaces and a big-event atmosphere all combine to provide a setting for a good run out.
    What is the minimum age to run at the event?
    The minimum age is 16 years old.
    Is the race chip timed?
    Yes it is. You will be issued with your chip at Registration. We’ll send you your results by text (unless you’d prefer not to) immediately after the event finishes, and publish the results on our website.
    How much is it?
    Click here to see our pricing guide.
    Can I bring my friends/ family along?
    Please do! Trailblazers are totally family friendly, featuring free activities for the kids while Mum or Dad get their trainers on and go for a run! The locations themselves are also popular locations for days out, with loads to see and do in the local area – an ideal day or weekend for everyone.
    Do I get a finishers’ medal?
    You certainly do. If you finish!
    Can I wear my iPod/MP3 player?
    That’s fine by us. Our routes are traffic-free and well marshalled, so you’re welcome to enjoy some tunes as you run. Just make sure you can hear the briefing at the start, and are aware of runners around you on the course, particularly anyone that might be trying to overtake. We’d recommend leaving your headphone leads untucked behind your body, as a good indication to runners behind that you’re using an MP3 player.
    Is the course way-marked?
    Yes, it is professionally way-marked and stewarded where required.
    Are there water stations en route?
    There is at least one water station part way through each course, and you’ll receive a bottle of water upon finishing, with your goody bag.
    Do you have on-site showers and toilets?
    There will be plenty of toilets but no showers at these events.
    Can I run with my dogs?
    No dogs, are not allowed to run the event, however they are welcome in the event village
    What’s the catering like?
    We provide good event catering from an experienced provider: Expect high carb food selections, hearty soups, home-made cakes and plenty of choice on drinks – hot drinks including gourmet coffee and teas, water on sale, soft drinks and a full range of isotonic and other sports drinks.
    Can I park my car for free?
    Yes, you can park for free as part of your Trailblazer entry.
    Can I camp overnight?
    Trailblazers don’t include provision for camping onsite, but all three venues have accommodation nearby, including camping, guesthouses and hotels.


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    Forest of Dean 2012 2013 2014

    Bedgebury 2012 2013 


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    What's Included In The Entry?

    • Premium goody bag worth £15
    • Professionally managed event on beautiful woodland trails
    • Special edition Tech Tee worth £15
    • Music, live mc, beer tent, food, drink and kids activites
    • Water station at 5km & finishline
    • Medal for all finishers
    • Free instant text timing after your run
    • Rat Race on-site gear store with bargains a-plenty!